Monday, 20 August 2012

Care and Repair Launches New Website

The internet has rapidly evolved over the past 12 months. With social media becoming more popular every day, combined with smart phones and hand held devices being a more commonly used way to access the web there is a growing need for websites to be cater for these needs. With this in mind Somerset Care and Repair has become one of the first care and repair agencies in the country to embrace this new technology by launching their brand new responsive and interactive website     
Managing Director Kevin Lake said;

“The 21st century arrived and so finally has our new website. Designed by Rockin industries Ltd the new site has been combined to link into all of our new social media platforms enabling us to keep you informed with everything that goes on at Care and Repair, including changes, additions or new services. Staff will let you know about changes in local and national policy and with its responsive capabilities it is now even easier for the public to access or request information.”
As well as the new website the Home Improvement Agency can now be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn. They will also be posting information about the services they provide as well as success stories and other information and articles of interest.

To visit the new site or find out more information about connecting with Care and Repair please visit or for more information about the services provided by Rockin Industries visit

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